Safefleet supporting BEN

BEN, the automotive industry charity – Your own support network

BEN is here to provide care and support for automotive people and their dependants in times of need.  What makes us different is that BEN exists solely to look after our own community.

We help with all sorts of circumstances including financial worries, long term illness, disability, bereavement, relationship problems and anything else that is causing a person in our industry distress.  We also extend our support to dependants, meaning we can help partners, children and, in many cases, parents too!

Safefleet supporting BENWe offer;

  • Advice and guidance from our professional support team
  • Signposting –  guidance to specialist agencies who can  support specific needs
  • Financial grants that  help to directly improve the issues being faced
  • Direct care –  residential, nursing, specialist dementia, short-term, rehabilitation or day care for older or younger physically disabled people at dedicated care centres
Improving automotive lives

Our support network enables early intervention and quicker outcomes that improve the lives of thousands of automotive people each year.

To see what this means watch Kate, whose husband Tim works in the industry, tell how BEN’s support helped change her future

BEN can’t stop things from happening but they can make a difference to the impact they have.

 It’s free, confidential and independent….use it

It’s in all our interests, both work and personal, to encourage those struggling to turn to BEN.  If you, a member of your family, or a team member could benefit from free, confidential and independent advice – get in touch with BEN.

Tel: 01344 876770
Text: 07781 472622

Safefleet supporting BEN