Calls for the Government to consider diesel scrappage scheme

The Environmental Audit Committee is encouraging the Government to consider a diesel scrappage scheme to tackle NO2 and CO2 pollution. They suggest that such a scheme will encourage drivers to move away from the more heavily polluting vehicles.

The scheme would provide incentives for motorists to get rid of their diesel vehicles in exchange for cleaner alternatives.

A similar scheme ran from 2009 t0 2010 and cost £400million, paying out £2,000 towards the cost of a new vehicle.

Speaking ahead of the Government’s Spending Review, Huw Irranca-Davies MP, chairman of the Environmental Audit Committee, said: “Tens of thousands of premature deaths are being caused in the UK every year by illegal levels of air pollution on our roads.

“Despite mounting evidence of the damage diesel fumes do to human health, changes to VED announced in this year’s Budget maintained the focus only on CO2 emissions. This was a missed opportunity to also incentivise vehicles which emit less NO2. The Chancellor has the chance to strike a better balance on this next week. The Treasury must use VED to create long-term incentives for drivers to buy cleaner hybrid and electric cars that minimise both CO2 and harmful pollutants.”

“Introducing a national diesel scrappage scheme could also provide a short-cut to cleaning up the air in our cities.”