UK Driving kits

UK Driving Kits

With ever increasing volumes and congestion of traffic on our roads today, it is natural to assume that the fleet driver is at greater risk due to the higher mileages and hours spent on the road, yet in the UK, unlike Europe it is not a legal requirement to carry basic items such as Warning Triangles, High Visibility Vests and First Aid Kits etc. For a relatively small cost, Fleets and Leasing Companies can ensure that their drivers and customers can be seen and be safe.

Our range of Accident Witness Cameras can give your drivers protection in the event of mishap and may even reduce your insurance premium costs and protect your no claims bonus.

People are a company’s most valuable and important asset and their welfare is of prime concern.

Safefleet UK Ltd. is a company which is dedicated to the safety and security of the company vehicle driver and passenger, it also compliments a company’s ‘Duty of Care’ policy.

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